Mifar and Basf together for compostable packaging

Mifar and Basf together for compostable packaging

On the occasion of the “FlexAbility” event – occurred in Milan on the month of November to illustrate the professionals of the business the new frontiers of flexible packaging – MIFAR confirmed the strong synergy with BASF for the development of Chips meant for printing on biodegradable materials.

It is a fact that the consumers are becoming more and more aware of the products they purchase and of the substances these products are made of. The growing concern about a more sustainable future led to a greater consciousness regarding the production of advanced packaging, which do not contain potentially dangerous substances for both the health of people and for the environment.

This is why MIFAR, in collaboration with BASF, has developed a specific range of Chips meant for printing on biodegradable materials. The Compostable Chips are produced with the innovative BASF pigments in full compliance with the EN13432 European Standard, which defines the features of the “compostable” packaging, recyclable through organic recovery. MIFAR is the only Chips manufacturer able to guarantee the use of VINCOTTE certified pigments, which do not contain heavy metals and other prohibited substances.

MIFAR Compostable Chips are used by the main ink manufacturers for printing on biodegradable media used on a large scale: from supermarket shopping bags to special packaging designed for food preservation.

Now more than ever companies are required to take on responsibilities towards both the consumers and the limited resources of our planet: this is MIFAR Managing Director’s vision. As Andrea Meli says:

We have really appreciated the initiative designed by BASF to promote the meeting of all the players in the industry. FlexAbility has been the opportunity to take stock of the situation with regard to a fast-moving, constantly growing sector, which has been able to take up the challenge about environmental sustainability.

MIFAR will shortly be participating in two major international events:

Eurocoat 2016, Paris, March 22-24
Incosmetics 2016, Paris, April 12-14