Record growth for Mifar in 2015

Record growth for Mifar in 2015

Mifar closes 2015 with the best results ever. The examination of the Financial Statements at 31/12/2015 confirmed the excellent growth forecast of the Rescaldina-based chemical company, for both its economic and financial performance. The relevant investments carried out in support of the Research & Development department made possible the introduction of new and technologically advanced products in the market, like the Disperlit series, the Dispercos and the Compostable Chips, destined to give a great impulse to the core markets.

At the same time, the expansion of the geographic area on a global scale opened the door to a wide business improvement. More specifically, the EBITDA margin (Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) revealed an increase by 21% per year with respect to 2014, while sales increased by 16% during the last 2 years.

These results represent an essential milestone in the Company’s process of stability and growth, since Mifar managed to answer the requests from its core markets (inks and paints, markers, cosmetics, finishing) with increasing dedication.

The recent implementation of the productive capacity, combined with the continuous investments on the Research & Development department aimed to study new predispersed preparations, suggest a further growth, even bigger than 2015, which is with no doubt the best year in Mifar history ever.
Mifar confirms its great commitment in research and development for the purposes of company growth through the words of the Managing Director, Dr. Andrea Meli:

Nowadays, companies must find more and more innovative solutions to satisfy customer demand: 2015 data confirm it. For this reason, we strongly believe that innovation and research represent a basic asset for both the development and the growth of companies. Mifar, with Disperlit, Dispercos and Compostable Chips product lines, is going in this direction. There is no growth without innovation.

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