Design, Performance and Safety Sustainability and Welfare in the new Mifar packaging

Design, Performance and Safety Sustainability and Welfare in the new Mifar packaging

Milan, 16 October 2017. The Italian company Mifar, international reference point for pigment dispersions (Chips), will adopt from November 2017 a new packaging to be in line with internal organizational choices and business policy consistent with the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and welfare.  

The current 25 kg packaging boxes will be replaced by boxes with a maximum capacity of 20 kg, designed to ensure more handy and safe day-to-day loading/unloading, storage and transport operations for the benefit of the worker. This decision led to the global reorganization of warehouse logistics management and picking activity in a progress that will be fully implemented by November.

Andrea Meli, Managing Director of Mifar, claims: ‘In line with Mifar’s growing awareness of a more sustainable future in productive development, we have analyzed the internal processes of the company and we firmly believe that “sustainability” in its broadest sense also applies to all the aspects that can offer a greater safeguard for the worker. The focus is therefore not only to packaging itself, but to its function in the sustainability of the packaging-product binomial.

Protection, security, hygiene of contents and ease of use are the performance qualities of the new Mifar packaging box, today represented by the elegance of a total white packaging that offers maximum awareness both of Mifar’s trademark/colours and of the identification of the product label. A blue band, the Company’s colour, runs on the top of the sides to effectively highlight the grip area of the box.

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