Ethics, Transparency and Sustainability in Mifar growth for 2018

Ethics, Transparency and Sustainability in Mifar growth for 2018

Milan, 18th December 2017 – Positive Year End report with a + 3% in turnover compared to 2016 for the Italian company Mifar, international leader of production of pigment pre-dispersions (Chips), a virtuous example of a company that has placed Sustainability as a lever for industrial and economic development as well as an element of harmonious growth in respect of all the stakeholders .

From 1 November 2017 Mifar has officially adopted an Organizational, Management and Control Model compliant with the guiding principles of Legislative Decree 231/2001, which in fact adapts to the international standards the Italian system of prevention of a series of offences contemplated in the decree by everyone working for the company. An integral part of the Organizational Model is the Code of Ethics, which contemplates the principles of behavior and ethical and social values ​​that must inspire the proper running of company activities.

We believe that a corporate culture based on legality, honesty and transparency, as well as on health and safety safeguard on the workplace, is consistent with the growth process undertaken by Mifar to make business efficiency coinciding more and more with the respect and protection of the entire community to which Mifar and its employees belong” says Andrea Meli, Mifar Managing Director,

In this process Mifar is supported by Tennants Group, a leading multinational corporation in the chemical industry and Mifar single shareholder, which has recognized in the process undertaken by the Italian company the affirmation of its own vision, characterized by a sustainable long-term approach matured in over two hundred years of activity. Mifar is the first of all the operational headquarters of the international network of the Group to adopt this kind of certification.

To respond to choices of internal organizational and of company policy consistent with the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and welfare, Mifar has also adopted a new packaging: the 25 kg packaging boxes have been replaced by those with a maximum capacity of 20 kg, to guarantee greater convenience and safety of the daily loading-unloading, storage and transport operations for the benefit of the worker.

A further step in this development and harmonization process will be the adoption and implementation of the new SAP operating system for the management of all Mifar internal company processes, in a perspective of optimization of the resources and reliability, at the beginning of 2018.

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