Digital innovation of Mifar’s business processes with SAP Business One

Digital innovation of Mifar’s business processes with SAP Business One

Milan, 04 October 2018 – In order to make a successful digital transformation, the Italian Mifar Company, an international leader in the production of predispersed pigment preparations (chips), announces the full implementation of the SAP Business One software, supported by SYS-DAT, for the integrated management of all its businesses processes.

Mifar’s growth in recent years, which has seen the production of solid mono-pigmented dispersions more than double in the last 6 years, has led management to optimise all its operating processes, from customer care to financial operations and sales, and more generally to improve the production activities even further.

In fact, Mifar has found SAP Business One to be the ideal strategic partner for the innovative collection, processing and use of information that can provide management with correct indicators to create new business models.

“SAP required a great deal of effort which nevertheless paid off immediately,” says Andrea Meli, Managing Director of Mifar. “It meets all the new business management requirements, offering a complete overview of all the processes with great flexibility and efficiency. SAP gives Mifar an important competitive advantage towards Industry 4.0 and a value that we make available to all our stakeholders.”

Mifar has always been distinguished by its strong “Made in Italy” creativity and inventive spirit, and by its incessant investments in the internationalisation and innovation of the products and services offered. Today, in partnership with SAP, Mifar continues to move forward in the digital innovation of the chemical sector, with a distinctive management of its traditional processes in complete synergy with the new technologies.

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