COVID-19 Communication / 13th March 2020

Milan, 13th March 2020 – To cope with the emergency Mifar S.r.l. has adopted ‘smart working’ solutions for business activities to support the production activity. The Rescaldina plant continues to operate normally, and therefore deliveries to domestic and international customers are also guaranteed with the maximum effort of capacity in this objectively unprecedented situation.

‘We are determined to carry out Mifar’s activities in accordance with the regulations in order to ensure maximum safety of all employees and we will continue to closely monitor the situation in order to comply with any regulatory developments,” says Andrea Meli, Managing Director of Mifar, who adds ‘I recommend the reading of similar reports by our stakeholders and all those who want to give maximum awareness and attention to the COVID-19 emergency.’

Mifar S.r.l. shares valuable insights such as the ‘COVID-19 Analysis by McKinsey & Company’ that covers three broad economic scenarios: a quick recovery, a global slowdown, and a pandemic-driven recession.

McKinsey & Company believes that the prevalent pessimistic narrative underweights the possibility of a more optimistic outcome to COVID-19 evolution.

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