Quality guaranteed for two years

Milan, 15th May 2020 – The wide range of Mifar products is now guaranteed for two years in order to offer greater flexibility to partners when using the Mifar “chips”. This important evolution optimises the internal processes and entire life cycle of the product, from production to distribution.

This decision stems from the daily experience in Mifar’s laboratories. After checking the actual stability of the samples in the warehouse, Mifar was able to confirm that the performances did not change after the original expiry date of the products.

A series of tests were carried out throughout 2019, showing that most of the chips remained stable two years after the date of production. This is also due to the careful selection of suppliers, pigments and resins which allows Mifar to guarantee high quality products in terms of reliability and performance. These distinctive characteristics go hand in hand with a careful selection of the raw material.

The new validity of the Mifar products has led to a complete revision of the formulations and updating of the technical datasheets for each product, and the reprogramming via SAP.

Our products with two-year validity will start on June 1st June 2020 with the possibility of sending pre-batch samples to partners who request them.