The range of DISPERVYN VD chips is characterised by its use in the food packaging industry, thanks to the type of hydroxyl-functional, vinyl chloride, vinyl-acetate resin used in the chip mixture.

DISPERVYN VD is a high performance pigment dispersion in hydroxyl-functional vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer for plasticised vinyl substrates, aromatic polyurethane modified inks and coatings, flexo and rotogravure inks for aluminium, vinyl, cellulose and treated polyester films for PE lamination and substrates.

Suitable for applications where the printed laminate is subjected to product preservation processes, such as pasteurisation or sterilisation. The low softening point of the vinyl component also allows use in some heat-sealing paints.

The excellent colour and light fastness of DISPERVYN VD makes it very effective on printed laminates used for the preservation of liquid foodstuffs such as milk, beer, wine and fruit juices, during their pasteurisation and sterilisation.

The technology used allows the pigment powder agglomerates to be separated into individual particles and encapsulated individually within the resin.

The extreme fineness of dispersion and surface coating of the pigment, together with an accurate selection of the pigment offers a high quality product.

DISPERVYN VD offers high colour intensity, maximum brightness and transparency, as well as excellent colour and light fastness. It is available in a wide range of colour indexes.

Mifar offers and guarantees custom-made products subjected to application tests in its laboratories.