The Challenge

To create new pigment dispersions in polyamide resin (chips) for the start-up of a new production line of coloured inks for the Food Packaging segment by a leading company in the sector.


The Solution

The design concept immediately involved Mifar, which carried out development experiments based on dissolving polyamide resins in solvent.

On the basis of the inputs already received from the market, Mifar’s R&D Laboratory has therefore concentrated on innovative development. The main challenge was to create a new product concept that would nevertheless allow maintaining the characteristics of the product used previously.


The Outcome

Building on the experience and knowledge gained over the years, Mifar has made this project a priority. This made it possible to set up a complete sampling programme for new raw materials with a series of activities dedicated to the development of a new prototype. Subsequent application and validation tests led to the supply of ‘new’ pigmented preparations within about one month from the time of approval.


Benefit to the Client

The role played by Mifar focused on identifying a specific mission related to the study and preparation of predispersed pigment preparations, suitable to produce an entire line of polyamide-based resin inks.


The line is available in a wide range of colours, and eliminates the need for the ink manufacturer to grind the pigments.

The innovation has also improved the formulation and application of products obtained by direct grinding of the pigments. The process took into account the cost-effectiveness of the entire production cycle.