Making Sense of Sustainability

Milan, 16th June 2020 – In recent years, our commitment has focused on the study of cutting-edge technologies dedicated to macromolecules for the creation of compostable materials. Compostable Chips are our range of pigments dispersions certified Ok Compost UNI EN 13432. They represent just an example of introduction of eco-friendly technology in everybody’s day by day life, to promptly respond to the needs of partners and the market, with products that increasingly reflect modern lifestyles.

Mifar’s sustainable approach starts with a careful selection of the raw materials. Our production system of pigment dispersion “chips” is based on the concept of “right the first time” as the raw material is not reusable. Qualitative selection is therefore the first step in a circular economy process aimed at reducing waste.

We strongly believe that sustainability is the only possible direction for the chemical sector in order to fundamentally contribute to maintaining the ecological balance of the planet.