About Us


Established in 1980, MIFAR S.r.l. is dedicated to be partner of inks, varnishes and coatings manufacturers, through its long standing technical experience and its focus on solid predispersed pigment preparations (‘chips’) production and R&D.

Thanks to its focus and its continuous effort on innovation, MIFAR is able to offer an unparallel panel of different productive solutions which goes to very different special applications.

Since 2011 MIFAR is producing in its plant the well consolidated and well known product range of solid predispersed pigment preparations HACOLOR. Part of TENNANTS Group, MIFAR is supplier of major inks manufacturers worldwide.


Our site in Rescaldina is the most recent chip plant in Europe, on an industrial 10.000sqm area, a capacity to produce over 1.500 tons/annum, diversify product range and warehousing for related goods, all in compliance with current and proposed HSE legislation. The site operates in secure HSE conditions, with BAT installations and authorizations, including NC storage, water sprinklers and reserve, VOC combustor.


Closes to the main east-west cross Europe motorway through northern Italy offers easy access to European and Mediterranean markets. A motor way exit (Rescaldina or Castellanza, on A8 Milano/Malpensa/Varese) is within 500m.

Malpensa Airport is located at 20mins.


With 30 years’ experience and its vision firmly focused on the future, MIFAR offers its customers the most innovative products, and is a real ‘solution provider’ ready to meet your every need.

How? With ongoing, advanced research, a vast range of products, always in-stock (ensuring reduced delivery times), and with highly competent technical assistance renowned for its expertise and willingness to help