Multiple Benefit

Made from organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in resins, Mifar pigment dispersions and preparations are supplied as solid granules or powder, in very high colour concentration.
Outstanding formulation flexibility, high colour strength and shade purity, high transparency and excellent gloss, give maximum scope in formulating inks, coatings and other chemicals.
Ready to use; do not require any further grinding. Just stir them in a liquid medium to produce the coloured end-product, through a streamlined dust-free production process, with reduced losses and a smaller inventory.


Product Advantages

  • Higher gloss and brightness
  • Application uniformity
  • Maximum development of the colour intensity
  • Higher product stability on storage
  • Maximum transparency
  • Less bottom effects with no tendency to settling and no flocculation
  • Outstanding shade purity
  • Higher pigment concentration


Economic Advantages

  • Reduced power consumption in manufacturing due to easy dispersibility
  • Streamlined production process: requiring simple inexpensive mixers instead of the complex costly apparatus needed for powder dispersion
  • Reduced losses during production
  • Great production flexibility with top quality
  • Short production cycles
  • Reduced inventory


Safety, Health & Environmental Advantages

  • Dust-free environment in work space allows better health preservation
  • Simple cleaning of the plant and prevention of pollution
  • Raw materials selected and suitable to International Standard Norms
  • All products except nitrocellulose dispersions are not flammable