Ink Jet

Ink Jet

High quality pigment dispersions and preparations in vinyl resin specifically developed for fast drying inks, ketone based products for use in deflected drop (continuous) ink jet printers. Particularly suitable for inks based on a vinyl filmforming polymer to create a permanent mark on difficult substrates such as plasticized PVC cables, polystyrene, ABS, CAB, PVdC and metals.

The pigments are especially resistant to colour bleed or transfer.

Rigorous and consistent manufacturing control systems ensure very fine dispersion and trouble free running.

A specific range of pigments has been selected to offer good opacity – especially suitable for marking dark substrates.

Product range

Disperjet VI

High-performance pigment dispersions in vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate resin designed for digital printing in solvent-based environments.

DisperJet AW

High-performance pigment dispersions in water-soluble acrylic resins designed for digital printing and wood applications.