Product range


Product advantages:


  • Higher gloss and brightness
  • Application uniformity
  • Maximum development of the colour intensity
  • Higher product stability on storage
  • Maximum transparency
  • Less bottom effects (no tendency to settling, no flocculation)
  • Outstanding shade purity
  • Higher pigment concentration


Economic advantages:


  • Reduced power consumption in manufacturing due to easy dispersibility
  • Streamlined production process (inexpensive mixers instead of the complex and costly apparatus needed for powder dispersion)
  • Reduced losses during production
  • Great production flexibility
  • Short production cycles
  • Reduced inventory


Safety, health and Environmental advantages:


  • Dust-free environment in work space allows better health preservation
  • Simple cleaning of the plant and prevention of pollution
  • Raw materials selected and suitable to International Standard Norms
  • All products except nitrocellulose dispersions are not flammable


Pigmented Alcohol-Soluble Nitrocellulose Preparations (NC Series) and Ester-Soluble Nitrocellulose Preparations (NCE Series).


Based on a very low viscosity alcohol or ester soluble nitrocellulose resin, closely monitored for a molecular weight distribution, these products ensure clean printing even under the most lenghty printing runs at high solvent dilutions. Available in very high pigmented (70%) and high pigmented (50-60%) ranges, they can be used in the production of liquid packaging inks for either flexographic or gravure printing processes. They are suitable for aluminium, paper, cellulose and other films. High transparency and excellent gloss charachterise these products. Coupled with high colour strenght, these attributes give maximum cope in formulating inks fit for any purpose. At 70% pigment concentration, they offer easy preparation of free flowing concentrated bases that are economical and versatile in use. The 50-60% range contains citrate plasticizer. Other plasticizers are available under request. A particular range of dispersions has been developed for wood lacquers and coatings application, including high performance carbon blacks and transparent iron oxides dispersions. A cosmetic range with selected pigments is also available.


Pigmented Medium Molecular Weight, Hydroxyl-functional, partially Hydrolyzed, Vinyl-Chloride Vinyl -Acetate Copolymer Preparations (VD Series).

Readily soluble in ketone-ester solvent blends; suitable for plasticized vinyl substrates, solvent-based aromatic polyurethane modified inks and coatings, flexo and rotogravure inks for aluminium, vinyl, cellulosic and treated polyester films for lamination and PE substrates. Suitable where the printed laminate is exposed to product conservation processes, such as pasteurization or sterilisation. The low softening point of vinyl allows some use in heat-seal lacquers. Compatible with a wide range of resins.


Pigmented High Molecular Weight Vinyl-Chloride Vinyl-Acetate Copolymer Preparations (VI Series).

Readily soluble in ketone-rich solvents blends; suitable for rigid and plasticized vinyl substrates, solvent-based aromatic polyurethane modified inks and coatings, flexo and rotogravure inks for aluminium, vinyl and other substrates, as well as air-drying industrial and heavy-duty coatings.

Easily dispersed. Good adhesion to plastic films, metal and masonry. Compatible with a wide range of resins. Also used to print films for plastic table clothes, PVC coverings and for the production of finished PU split leathers and finish PU synthetic materials.


Pigmented Polyvinyl Butyral Preparations (VB Series).

Readily soluble in alcohol-rich systems; suitable for printing inks for flexible films and foil. Easily dispersed, with high colour strenght, gloss and transparency. Good adhesion to plastics, films, metal foils and paper. Good film-forming properties make the resin suitable in formulations for a number of inks used for lamination, cold seal packaging applications and metallic pigmented systems.

A particular range of dispersions has been developed for writing inks (specifically whiteboard markers), offering improved dispersion qualities, high stability, faster drying and excellent short term erasure.


Pigmented Polyamide Preparations (PA Series).

Suitable for co-solvent polyamide-based flexographic and rotogravure inks for treated polyethylene printing. The products demonstrate high gloss and transparency without causing structure and rheological problems, ensure excellent pigment wetting properties, rapid solvent release and good deep freeze resistance, particularly valuated in cold seal packaging.


Thanks to its extensive compatibility, Mifar product range offers the formulator scope to develop colour bases for in-house dispensing schemes as well as flexographic and rotogravure printing finished inks…



Made from pigments dispersed in two main series based on Nitrocellulose or Vinyl resins, particularly suitable for the production of pastes and/or inks for colouring polyurethane systems, polystyrene and ABS.



Made from pigments dispersed in low viscosity polyvinyl butyral resins of superior quality.