High quality pigment dispersions and preparations in resin specifically selected in order to guarantee excellent compatibility with UV curable systems.

Readily soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon, ester and ketone solvent systems and in radiation curable monomers. Suitable for the production of UV cationic curable inks as well as free radical curable inks and coatings.

Although having the potential to be used in solvent-borne systems where aromatic hydrocarbon ketones and esters are used, these dispersions have been developed primarily for both cationic as well as free radical curable inks and coatings.

These products are particular suitable for vinyl based screen inks for printing rigid and plasticised PVC.

Product range

Dispervyn VI

High performance pigment dispersion in Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. Inks and overlacquers for vinyl substrates, strippable coatings, masonry and metal coatings, PVC covering, plastic clothes, finished PU split leathers and finished PU synthetic material are the wide application for this product.

Disperlit VK

High performance pigment preparations in Vinyl-Chloride Vinyl-Acetate Copolymer. Particularly suitable for high quality printing inks and solvent-based industrial ink.